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Workers’ Compensation Services

Responsive Care When You Need Us

At Baldwin Bone & Joint, our dedicated workers’ compensation team understands the special challenges presented by industrial injuries. We recognize that early diagnosis and treatment of these injuries are the keys to returning an injured worker to the job as soon as possible, thereby reducing both medical costs and time lost from work.

Our team of fellowship-trained orthopaedic specialists and workers’ compensation experts endeavor to provide responsive medical treatment to the injured worker, while at the same time keeping the employers and insurance carrier apprised of the patient’s treatment plan, progress, and status.

Workers’ Compensation Appointments

Please download and complete our Workers’ Compensation Authorization Form. You may complete and fax this form to our WC coordinator along with all related medical records. Our coordinator will contact you to make appointment arrangements. You may also contact the coordinator directly by phone or email.

Workers’ Compensation Team

Helen Wright

Workers’ Compensation Coordinator for
Doctors Goldman, Hunter, Harcourt and Todd

Tel: 251.621.5380
Fax: 251.625.3198

Joy Richardson

Joy Richardson

Workers’ Compensation Coordinator for
Doctors Gordon, Park, Corbett, and Chamblee

Tel: 251.621.5381
Fax: 251.625.3198

Specialized Services & Procedures Included:

  • Prompt evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Patients requiring routine orthopedic assessment are usually seen within 1-2 business days.  Those requiring immediate care receive responsive treatment. 

  • Our occupational orthopedic team includes a designated workers’ compensation coordinator, orthopaedic physician, physician assistant and physical therapy professionals.

  • It is our primary outcome goal to provide orthopedic care that is focused on the patient’s full recovery and return to regular work as soon as possible.

  • Patients unable to return to regular duty often return to modified work as early as their injuries will permit.

  • Our workers’ compensation coordinator will contact patients, employers, and carriers to ensure all key figures and progress notes, crucial to a patient’s rapid recovery, are maintained. 

  • Work capacity forms are completed after each patient visit. One copy is provided to the patient and one is faxed to the employer and carrier on the day of the visit.

  • Clinical notes are available within 1-2 business days from the patient’s visit.