Physical Therapy


Welcome to Baldwin Bone and Joint Physical Therapy. Through partnering with Exos Human Performance, our therapists strive to help our patients meet their highest physical potential. We tailor each patient’s experience to his or her goals and needs. This ultimately creates a personal and specialized experience with each patient.

It is the daily mission of our physical therapy program for you to return to your everyday life as fast as possible. Whether your goal is gardening, knitting, running a marathon, or just getting back to the playing field, we integrate that activity into your therapy for a customized approach. The sessions are frequently varied making each visit interesting and productive.

Our unique approach enables you to rehabilitate more quickly while having fun during each visit. Ultimately, we believe that this will encourage you to stick to your goals and achieve optimal recovery. At any time of the day, it is common for an older patient recovering from a hip replacement to be working next to an athlete from a local high school. This brings home the fact that Baldwin Bone & Joint Physical Therapy is a place that people come to get better as fast as possible no matter what stage in life they are – no matter what their goals may be.

An added bonus? Our physical therapists and physical therapy assistants live in Baldwin County – we are an active part of your community. In addition, our staff diligently maintains a high level of training beyond typical physical therapy services, frequently participating in continuing education. This specialized training sets us apart for those looking to return to a high level of activity as well as the general population needing general orthopaedic therapy services for improved quality of life.