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John L. Todd, M.D.

Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon/Sports Medicine Specialist

“The practice of orthopaedic medicine is not just about performing a surgery or being able to do a specific procedure. My philosophy of care involves education, injury prevention, rehabilitation and sometimes surgery if absolutely necessary. It is my primary goal to return each of my patients to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible.”

John Todd, M.D.
The Shoulder Center at Baldwin Bone & Joint in Daphne, AL provides orthopedic care, shoulder surgery and shoulder replacement while being committed to total patient care.

B.S., Auburn University
Auburn, AL, 1983

Medical School

University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL, 1988


Medical University of South Carolina
| Charleston, SC, 1989

Orthopaedic Residency

Medical University of South Carolina
| Charleston, SC, 1993


Sports Medicine and Shoulder Reconstruction
Hughston Sports Medicine Foundation 

Columbus, GA, 1994

Certificate and Licensure
  • State of Alabama
  • State of Florida
  • National Board of Medical Examiners, 1989
  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, 1997
  • Specialty Certification Sports Medicine, 2009

Medical Director, The Shoulder Center

  • Patient Testimonial

    “I had my shoulder surgery and my life’s back to normal. I mean, I can now do things that I couldn’t do for years. I don’t have any pain. I almost have almost 90% range of motion.”

    Lola Durham,
    Patient of Dr. John Todd
  • Patient Testimonial

    “Within two weeks after the surgery I was back playing golf again. I was about to be out of the game. So this is what has given me the opportunity to be back in the game of golf, doing the things I want to do.”

    Bill Hanna,
    Patient of Dr. John Todd
  • Patient Testimonial

    “I think the biggest fear of most people that grow older is giving up their freedom. And Dr. Todd has given me back my freedom.”

    Bill Cockrell,
    Patient of Dr. John Todd
  • Patient Testimonial

    “Dr. Todd, he did the surgery and the pain is gone. And I can walk. I’m really glad I had that surgery. It gave me the ability to really get my life back to where it was before. You don’t realize until you have difficulties what mobility is.”

    Allen Gipson,
    Patient of Dr. John Todd
  • Patient Testimonial - Lola Durham
  • Patient Testimonial - Hanna
  • Patient Testimonial - Cockrell
  • Patient Testimonial - Gipson