Digital X-ray and MRI

Baldwin Bone and Joint P.C. provides the latest in Digital X-Ray technology. Digital imaging allows our physicians to offer more accurate diagnoses. 

“Going digital” is great news for our patients. X-ray images are available immediately, so patients spend less time waiting and more valuable time with their physician. Digital images can be manipulated after processing, resulting in fewer “retakes” and less exposure to radiation.

Digital pre-operative planning tools give our surgeons the ability to more accurately plan surgical procedures and analyze post-operative images.

Because the X-rays are digitally stored, unlimited digital copies of images can be made without degradation in quality.

On-site MRI Servicesmripic

Baldwin Bone and Joint also offers on-site MRI services. Our “short-bore” MRI provides a more “open” experience and allows for convenient, same day service (as insurance allows) for your doctor visit, scan, and test results.