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Author: Baldwin Bone & Joint PC

Testimonial – Christian

“The main idea was to try and avoid surgery. I had never heard of PRP. Dr. Spain did a phenomenal job of explaining everything, how it works. The fact that I regained my mobility and I’m able to do the things I want to do is important to me. I’m not gonna slow down anytime soon!”

Testimonial – Lola Durham

“I had my shoulder surgery and my life’s back to normal. I mean, I can now do things that I couldn’t do for years. I don’t have any pain. I almost have almost 90% range of motion.”

Testimonial – Rebecca Lanasa

“Baldwin Bone & Joint and Holly have really helped me a lot in understanding that your bones do lose and you need to do something to keep those bones growing.”

Testimonial – Mr. Kendley

“The relationship between the therapists and the surgeons in the facility, where the physical and occupational therapies are integrated into the medical business is what made it so much different and so much better.”

Testimonial – Derek Thomas

“You really do not realize all the things you do with your hands. And all the little things in life you do with your hands until they don’t extend properly. Then once you get them repaired, you’re like ‘Wow!’ This is almost life-changing. The little things that you had adapted to and hadn’t done, you had worked around, now you can do.”