Adult Reconstruction

Spine Reconstruction Surgery is a specialized form of surgery performed by exclusively trained surgeons who have extensive knowledge of disorders and conditions associated with the spinal column and spinal cord.  Over the years, spine reconstruction techniques have advanced and current techniques involve the use of the latest technologies such as artificial disc replacement for movement preservation or minimally invasive techniques to provide relief for disc disease as well as other more traditional procedures. 

Usually patients with major deformity or misalignment of the spine require complex spinal reconstruction surgery involving correction of the abnormal curvature and stabilizing the newly shaped spine with rods and pins and fusion of vertebrae. 

Often the spinal disorder patient experiences pain in the affected or surrounding area, as well as numbness, a feeling of “pins and needles” in the affected area, and loss of strength.  An x-ray or CT scan may be useful to detect the source and severity of the disorder.